After multiple hours on YouTube watching DT haul, Costco, Walmart and Aldi haul, DT reorganisation videos, room tours and some motion sickness (some was too shakie!) I know I’m HOOKED! My lifestyle is affected! To start off with, I make sure my buck is always worth it! But after binge watching all these videos, it became second. No I think first nature!! It’s like breathing~ 

Ok so after a fun afternoon at value shop and daiso, that’s where you can find me other then NTUC, I’ve decided, why not do a singapore version! I have been watching our English counterparts doing their weekly haul all night. But staying at a rented apartment in singapore, I don’t have the space! If I do buy at the rate they do, my landlord will think I’m a hoarder of some sort and there will a lot to throw when I move! So, let’s move on and share what’s on today! 

Mall: Changi City Point

To start off with, it’s an outlet mall. So if you are in the mood for a hunt. Go ahead. But! The plan of the day is Value shop and Daiso ๐Ÿ˜. These shops are huge there! And btw, there are 2 value shops๐Ÿ˜ and I only went to 1 of them. But the items that I wanted to get overlaps so I’m good:)

Main aim: vinegar and spray bottle. They are for cleaning. Kitchen cloth, cause it’s time to change them. Air refresher for the guy, if there is. 

Let’s see the result: 

HEYYY I MET MY AIM! I did get the items I need! And the best part, the screw top for the spray bottle and the vinegar match! Which also means, I did not have to pour it over to the bottle and risk my table top( I have a funnel but. But.) and risk having to smell a load of that vinegar fumes. It stinks. And I can spray my toilet happily. ๐Ÿ˜ Happies! 

Total damage: $37.60

Breakdown: $10 from daiso, that’s simple and $27.60 from the value shop 

I LOVE THEMMMM. And I do not have issues with their expiry dates. At all. Cos I usually finish the food within the week, or at most the month. Work life is getting me fed:/ too frequently. Most of the items are repurchase! Post cereal at $1.45 lesser then that at NTUC(based on check on their web by today) and it’s usually gone in a week. Yes I eat a lot for breakfast. Dried good expiry are usually quite far away. I’ve gotten pasta from them and it’s expiry is in 2019! No complains! It’s one of my favourite brand too. It will definitely be gone this year. Guaranteed. 

Who can say no to Mamee when it’s a buck? And that lemon magic biscuit, I think it’s my….. god knows number of repurchases that I’ve made since the start of the year! Oreo, that’s worse. I finished the whole box without knowing! 

I know, it might be or most probably is cheaper to get those that are not individually packed. But I need to find a way to minimise snacking right! One of my weakness is not being so hardworking when it comes to opening multiple packages. Cause I will whip out my penknife and open it nicely by the edges. Don’t want to dirty my work area with crumbs. So each biscuit or cookie must come out as a whole without scraping the sides!! #noantsallowed

Some other kitchen stuff. Some dog stuff and who can give up on a 2$ lavender essence? 

Now to explain that bag. We all know how daiso’s stuff always seems like a need when it’s actually a want๐Ÿ˜‚. It’s for my yoga class prep! The plan was to start yoga lessons in June. It failed badly all thanks to some bacterials and viruses. But hey, I’ve made friends with the people working working in the clinic! Found out how bad drawing blood can be. And know how fabulous my hearing is! Yes all these test just for the 2 infections. Actually. 1. Argh. So glad it’s all over and I’m recovering well! So yoga plan got postponed till July ๐Ÿ˜ž.

But because of that I had time to go to the school to take a look and maybe find a kaki to go with me:) else, I will be just me~ but it’s really time to move my old bones. They are cracking badly๐Ÿ’€. Time to spend some money ๐Ÿ’ธ.

There we go, I have a habit of a very long first post, it will shorten as time pass~ Will get the hand of editing photos soon. Soon.