I love my buys! It was a well spent 3 hours *shys* that was my PH only outdoor event other than walking the boys. 

Remember that big blue basket? I have a sudden craving for potatoes. Load of it. And I bought a sack at Giant! I think it’s either 2.5kg or 3kg. 
Look at that! I’ve already attacked it to make chips in my air fryer. Turned out partially right. Maybe it’s user issue. The thinner slices came out nicely. But the thicker ones…just say it’s baked potato slices. But 5 darling potatoes which was shared between 2, right after breakfast, went missing within hours. #fatteningup now you know why I say I need to start classes ASAP! 

Now my dear potato have their own home and don’t have to stay in that yellow plastic sack!

TAADAAAA!!! My potatoes in their own home! 

Now, let’s continue with my potato recipes. First it’s fries, mash, salad, now chips. I wonder whose next. But for now I’m still very entertained by my chips right. By the end of it, I would have successfully train up knife skills😂, getting the temperature right, the amount of oil to put in, God. I don’t I will achieve that much. But. I will turn into a potato for sure! Measurements are done the Chinese way. A dash of this, a pinch of that, eye ball this and just pour that. 😂


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